Thunderstorms and Fireworks

    The warm weather of spring and summer always seems to go hand-in-hand with thunderstorms and fireworks. Some dogs experience a high level of anxiety and stress when these noises fill the air. The anxiety can be demonstrated by pacing, panting, quivering, hiding, destructive behaviour, accidents in the house, or even causing injury to themselves.

    We can help.

Some dogs show such a degree of anxiety that we feel it necessary to medicate them during these periods to allow them to cope. There are, however, many dogs that can get away with less invasive measures of treatment. Recently, two new products have been made available to use during periods of high stress for your dog. The first is a product called Zylkene, and the other is a Royal Canin Veterinary Diet called ‘Calm’. Both of these products have nutritional supplements (derived from milk) that can act on receptors in the brain to increase feelings of relaxation. Think of them as a naturally occurring and more gentle version of a sedative. In most dogs we see a subtle yet effective calming of the dog that, while not entirely eliminating stress, makes it much more acceptable.

If you have concerns about the effect of stress on your dog during thunderstorms or fireworks, please ask one of the doctors or technicians about which product may be right. We’ll also make a few suggestions for training the dog so we can one day deal with the anxiety without any help!

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